About the Founder.

Patrícia Figueira

                      Executive Mentor | Business Coach | Board Advisor    

“What challenges me is unlocking the mind, turning what appears to be complex into something simple, giving new perspectives to people, therefore allowing them to achieve their full potential.”

Throughout her professional life, she has been incorporating knowledge and experiences that enable her to improve Mentoring and Coaching towards the achievement of the clients’ goals through deep cooperation.

She started her career in exact sciences, at ISEG, taking a Degree in Mathematics Applied to Economics and Management, with Postgraduate Studies in Prospective, Strategy and Innovation and a Master’s in Economics, Management and Technology. At the Catholic University of Portugal she took a course in Digital Transformation. In parallel, she also focused on Social Sciences with Postgraduate Studies in Psychology – Applications in the Context of Organization, at ISPA, which led her to the next challenge: Training in Coaching and Mentoring. She is a member of the following associations, by which she is certified: Certified Coach ACCICF – International Coach Federation; Senior Practitioner at EMCC – European Mentoring & Coaching Council, and Apmentor – Portuguese Mentoring Association.

In 2012 she co-founded Uniksystem, an IT company that develops solutions for the Central and Local Public Administration, Industry, Services and Financial – Banking markets. For 7 years, as CEO, she ensured success through sustained growth, and that enables her to understand the challenges of entrepreneurs, as she may think: “I´ve been there!” As CEO she was a Leader Coach focused on people’s personal and professional development.

In her interventions, she merges the knowledge acquired in exact sciences (such as finance and technology), with social sciences (by applying the principles of Psychology in organizations, leadership, marketing, communication, team management, talent management), and with Coaching and Mentoring methodologies

About the Team.

Singual cooperators are a diverse group of Coaches and Mentors united by the same passion – human development.

It is a team of motivated, positive and upstanding people who develop relationships of collaboration and trust to drive personal and professional development.