Mentoring Culture & Business Strategy.

In the business context, the challenge is to create flexible organizational cultures in an increasingly complex, unstable and non-linear world.

In this context of increasingly challenging uncertainties, the adoption of a Mentoring Culture by organizations adresses the need of employees development: conscious and inspiring leadership, self-management, self-knowledge, cooperation, resilience, agility, active listening, positive communication and empathy. A profoundly positive impact is promoted, with better alignment between the company, the employees and the stakeholders, leading to a healthier and more collaborative environment.

Singual promotes the development of a Mentoring Culture:

  • Creating and implementing a sophisticated Mentoring Program, fully adapted to the organization’s specificities, using Business Coaching tools;
  • Monitoring the process of transformation in the organizational culture, ensuring that mentoring is included in the company’s internal processes;
  • Developing skills in internal mentors;
  • Harmonizing the cooperation between internal and external mentors.

Over time partnership relations are developed with clients, complementing services with Board Advisory about:

  • Implementation of Digital Transformation with impact on business;
  • Business strategy adapted to the market’s new technological capabilities;
  • Business strategy adapted to Digital Marketing;
  • Adoption of a Mentoring Culture to enable the Implementation of Digital Transformation;
  • Implementation of robust financial practices to promote business success;
  • New approaches to the organizational structure, which attract young talent.